Four Generations

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 80 th Birthday. This is her legacy minus one daughter living in Seattle and two of my sister's husbands. That's me in the bottom right and just to the left of me is our newest member Morgayne Elizabeth, welcomed into the family/world this past April.

Mom grew up in a rural town called Bloomfield. It's a pretty little place and I spent some time living there as a young girl in my teens. Most relatives still live there, what's left of my aunts & uncles, cousins and their kids and grandkids. As a young girl my mother and aunts worked at a place called The Holloway House. Mr Holloway offered his Tavern/Home to the Underground Railroad, the room in the basement still exists. Though the present day owners tell of many cobwebs in it now and they have vowed to keep it empty and not used for storage or anything else.

Anyway, even back in the 60's I can remember my mother strongly opposed to racism. Believeing that those of "color" were and should be considered equal to whites. Pretty strong stuff coming from a white woman with a rural background in those days. I think her strong feelings and beliefs came from working at the Holloway House. Knowing that freed black slaves were hidden in the basement while en route to safe havens. Mr Holloway had provided them food and shelter and saftey. This resonated with my mother and I believe she passed it along to us, her five daughters.

She as adamit that there be NO party with lots of attention paid to her. So we decided that a dinner at the Holloway House with just "us" would be something that she would enjoy and she did. She was happy to relive her younger days sitting in the dining room and happy to watch her daughters, grandaughters and great grand kids laugh and gather. It was a nice few hours.


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