Big Saturday Surprise!

Still in yesterdays makeup I dragged my butt around this morning vowing to do some REAL cleaning and not the usual "touch – up" kind. Still reeling from last nights emergency surgery and wondering if the dog made it through the night, I said "this is it" and started ripping the bed apart and opening curtains. And then….I saw it…….from the bedroom window…….



Oh my! What the hell is THAT!?! I ran for my camera and started shooting through the window. Realizing that those would make for crappy shots, I made my was out the side door, ever so quietly as one can be whilst freezing in the snow with my fuzzy slippers and fleece covered body. The bird never moved, it looked at me as if to say "Find your own Pigeon lady…this ones mine!" and continued munching away. Oh, poor Pigeon I thought, but this thing was pretty hungry. It proudly continued to feast away with out a single care.

Then I thought, "Hey, I live in the city now. These birds don't just fly around and land in someones back yard." Hm, well I guess they do now don't they. I can't decide if it's cool or not because now it's gone and has left me a mess of carcass to clean up before Honey gets to it! YUCK! Geeze.


So, I'm back to cleaning. Inside and outside. Go figure.

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3 Responses to Big Saturday Surprise!

  1. Wow!What an amazing surprise!

  2. Surprise – definately! It really was a beautiful sight. Not really much left to clean up – just a few bones left and all intact. I imagined it would be worse than it actually was! Ah, yes my new camera. Love it.
    Oh, the dog did fine…he went home yesterday. I was so worried about him but he pulled through. We had another emergency surgery yesterday. They usually come in 3's so we should be getting one more.

  3. i know well how it goes at the Vet with emergencies.i went to Vet school and used work as a surgical nurse! i've had many a long night with our furry friends… the worst was two dogs that were hit by a train. one made it (miraculously), the other didn't.

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