Missing the horses

I miss Bo. This is me on him during a lesson. He is big and beautiful and has a heart of gold. Bo made me a better student because he was trained as an event horse, NOT a lesson horse. So, he knew what he was doing and made sure I did too! It's been two years since I've been to the stables. I haven't ever forgotten him and don't plan to. I do plan to take the 2 hour drive to visit as soon as the weather is warmer. To touch him, stand next to him and feel his warmth.

I knew that falling off a horse was my destiny. I knew the risks as well, what I didn't know was WHEN or HOW it would happen. It had rained pretty hard one night and my lessons were always early morning per my request. So Bo and I were working me at the Trott -which I was still struggling with- going around the arena there was a big puddle at the corner, just as we hit that puddle I started to loose my balance and Bo's front left foot/shoulder dropped into the puddle, two more strides and I was over his side on my back! My trainer screamed "Let Go – Let Go!!!" Not realizing I was still holding one rein in my hand I let go of it. She came running over of course and we picked me up and brushed me off. My first fall…..I stood there and laughed and said "I did it! I fell off!!!" Relief. The worst was over. But then we both realized that Bo was motionless. Not a muscle moved, his hooves planted firmly to the ground. It got quiet and all I could hear was his breathing……she looked him over, I asked "is he okay?" Worried that maybe he got hurt somehow…..no. He was upset because I fell. I hugged him around his huge neck and got right back up on him.

Horses are special animals. Very special. I have loved them since I was a little girl. All of the hopes and dreams that have passed through my life – my dream of having a horse has never gone away. I will never give up on that dream..ever.


My "Cowgirlboy" boots that Santa brought!

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5 Responses to Missing the horses

  1. wonderful story!!! Bo is magnificent!you ride and know the ways of horses… i admire that in you.

  2. Yeah, I was a cute little shit wasn't I?! I was three in that pic – shows you how long people can hold on to a dream. I'll be 53 next month!
    Yes, Bo took my fall to heart. It upset him. I hope he remembers me when we meet again.

  3. A february birthday – are you aquarius or pisces? dreamers… both. :)53? Freakin' AWESOME.

  4. Proud Aquarian – Feb. 14th I have been told also that I carry a strong Leo.

  5. a love baby! awwww. Libra over here, and i also have Leo rising. rwaor,

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