Snow? In January?

Imagine that……'s snowing………AGAIN! I just got my driveway down to bare pavement….and it's snowing. The weather people are all crazy talking about how cold it's going to be starting tonight. Grrrrrrrrr and Brrrrrrrrrrr. I'm trying really hard to keep the furnace set low but it's still running a lot. And I'm cold even with sweaters and fleece sweats. I'm sitting here watching it from my window. Big chunky flakes. Hey, they add up you know. Pretty soon before you know it they're piled so high you have to shovel your way out the door. Your car looks like a snow turtle and it takes three times as long to get anywhere because of road conditions and stupid people that forget it's SNOWING! Once the temps drop the salt won't melt the ice/snow. So the roads – well lets just say it's an adventure driving. A test of skill to see who can keep their car on the road and who can't. Oh yeah, and the 4×4 drivers…'s only good if you're moving forward……not any different to stop than any other vehicle. So have at it…..pass me going 50 mph I'll see you in the next ditch. Jerk.

Oh well, only two and a half more months to go……………u g h. I'm getting cranky.

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One Response to Snow? In January?

  1. sending warm thoughts your way, Jacquie. fleece sweats, now those sound snuggly! nice.

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