My Good Monster

My Good Monster;

My dog Honey

Wearing fleece sweats

Warm thick socks

Fleece tops (no bra)

Soft flannel sheets

Getting under my big lofty & heavy down comforter

Steak with Montreal Seasoning

Salmon with Montreal Seasoning

Boiled red potato with butter AND sour cream

Being given this wonderful house to live in for the cost of utilities (so I can get a life back)

Having such wonderful friends to give me that

The memories of my mountain life

The smell of leaves in the fall

The smell of pine trees

The smell of smoke from a chimney

Holding a baby while it sleeps

Hearing a baby laugh – really laugh

Feeling like I made a difference to someone's life

Being in my art studio

Taking a really nice photograph – just one perfect shot


Hearing the sound of horses (eating, walking, running, "talking")

Being on a horse

The smell of a barn

Kissing a horses nose

Eastlake, Victorian or Arts and Crafts antiques

Laughing really hard

Feeling like I look pretty good sometimes

Getting a screamin' deal off of Craigs List

The Dog Whisperer – Cesar Milan

The fact that I notice things – little things that most others never do

My dog Honey

My dog Honey

My dog Honey


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3 Responses to My Good Monster

  1. GREAT monster! It will conquer ALL!!!

  2. none says:

    awe Honey tops em all!The Dog whisperer is a great show, watch him once in awhile.He's awesome

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