My Monster

My Monster is made of;

Never meeting the right man for me.

Dying alone

Lima Beans


Mean People

Showing my age

Sara Palin

Being poor



Wealthy snobs

Paris Hilton

Brittany Spears

Rush Lim"bugs me" – just shut up

Howard Stern – just shut up

My sister whom I love but has the rock of Gibraltor on her shoulder

Working hard for that puny paycheck

Stupid pet owners


Feeling the extra pounds I gained

Knowing I need rotatorcuff surgery and can't afford it

Feeling the bones in my feet crunch together after a long day

Not being able to wear sexy shoes

Coffee with no sugar





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One Response to My Monster

  1. That is a monster! (Mrs. palin may fall off the edges of your monster today 😉 TEE HEE) There are a lot of horrid things here. Now create your Comfort monster, the one that protects you, insulates you from the effects of this one

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