It was a late night last night. Lissy got some stuff in her eye and had to go to the Eye Doctor right away. She's okay but that only left one Tech. and me (yet again doing double duty.) Rough night. But we did it. Never ate dinner as I was just too tired to make anything for myself and my kitchen was clean and I honestly didn't feel like messing it up. Lame, I know.

I gladly crawled into my lofty bed with my gigantic down comforter and dozed off thinking about this job I am going to try to get as a Vet Pharmaceutical Rep. It's currently open and I know I am a perfect candidate for it. I've made some phone calls and have been very encouraged. Being told that not only do I have great credentials & good people skills, for this particular Company I do NOT need a degree. The pay starts at around 38-40k plus bonuses, vehicle, health ins. and 401k. What a kick that'd be! So I woke up during the night thinking it was around 3 am when it was actually only 12. UGH…..this went on all night. Then of course the alarm went off and I couldn't drag myself out of bed. I just keep thinking how nice it'd be to have a job that really pays decent (especially in this economy) and would allow me to get to where I want to be financially. I've done pretty well getting back on track these past two years but at my age I really can't get ahead with my current pay scale. I have to change that and be more aggressive financially. I am not one to piss away money. I will gladly do without if I have to. Never counted on anyone else to take care of me but me.

Can I imagine myself NOT doing what I do? No not really, but I never thought I'd be doing this either and here I am. I am good at what I do but I am also in my early 50's. My body doesn't cooperate with my mind anymore. My bones hurt, my hands are slowing and get painful easily, my knees take a beating when I assist in treatments and have to hold big dogs. I've been telling myself for a long time what a tough old broad I am but my body isn't agreeing any longer. These 12 hour days are rougher than ever.

My sister is the Resume Queen and is working on mine for me right now. I hope to get it emailed to "the man" as early as Monday. My Vet friend will write a letter of reccommendation, as will this woman I spoke with who has the same job with a different company. Oh, this could be so good. It's kind of scary thinking that I'd have to leave the Hospital but hey, I've gotta do something. I've got nothing left to fall back on so I have nothing to loose.

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3 Responses to Possibilities

  1. I send you bunches of well wishes to get that job, it sounds Fab! I try this when I wake up in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts (i do this often, not as much as I used to, but still lots)* tell myself that in this moment, I am powerless to do anything, I can only sleep in this moment. I cannot go do dishes, I cannot get to the grocery store for that one item, I cannot go backwards in time to take back that action. All I have is a kitten snoring next to me, a husband breathing heavy on the other side of me. I have this moment, and that is all I can do. * keep a pad of paper next to my bed to write down a list of things I need to ponder because the middle of the night is not the appropriate time for that.Sometimes these work

  2. Thanks Lavender, I will try those ideas. Only once in a great while do I wake frequently during the night. Most times I fall asleep and that's it, no dreams, no tossing I just wake up in the morning. I think I might have been overtired and having not eaten dinner may have set that off. But I did think a lot about how my life could be different in a good way. And honestly, I told myself that I've earned a better life. I will miss the hospital though.

  3. kcdc0731 says:

    I work as a Vet Tech now, and it is a very tiring and demanding job. Good luck with the new job prospect.

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