Fresh Start

Last week is just that today, gone. I did my best and now it's Monday again and I'm ready for the new week to begin. The bonus is that I get to start it with new tires/rims on my car! Now that may sound funny but the old tires and rims made for poor handling and gas mileage. The kid that owned it put "fancy" chrome rims & low profile tires on and went up two sizes to acheive the "look". Lets say Urban. Last winter was the first winter I've ever been truly afraid to drive in the snow. I took my road test when I was 18 the morning after a snow storm, got my fathers huge car stuck in a snowbank doing my p/park and had to "rock" it out. Did my "K" turn on the same street (mind you I was following the testers instructions) and he told me to go back where we started and passed me on the spot. He said that anyone that could drive in the snow as well as I didn't need anymore testing. Thanks Dad, great teacher. My mechanic had the car all day on Sat. and I picked it up yesterday morning. I took it out for a long ride and it sure does feel sooooo much better. Rides nicer too. I checked what mileage I was getting before and now will see how much better it might be after. As soon as I got home I took pictures of the old rims and I shot a quick one of my old bed frame and posted both on Craig's List. If I can sell both I will have enough money to get the camera I'm drooling over.

Today starts another week at the animal hospital and I am looking forward to happier endings there. In my haste to get the last post written before leaving for work I didn't get to mention the snake. We had a Python in with fluid in her….belly. I know; where's a snakes belly? Anyway Dr. asked me to assist in the draining after he Ultrasounded to get the exact location. I was excited, nervous and worried all at the same time. Excited 'cause he asked me to help him and it was something new, nervous 'cause Dr. can get snappy when he's stressed and I don't handle that well, and worried 'cause I've never held a snake for a procedure. Soooooo, we get the snake and he tells me how to hold. What he didn't tell me is that a snake can use it's muscles to slither out of your hands no matter how tight you're holding. Plus she was awake for this (local block where the needle went in) whole thing so when she started to feel the pressure release she started to try to wrap herself around me! Freaky but cool. I tried to hold on to her exactly where he told me to but she kept moving…I kept telling him and he could see it but he was getting impatient and taking it out on me. Anyway we got it done…..2 cups of fluid and she looked brand new. It was cool that he asked me to help and it was cool to be a part of it. Also last week's fun news is that Dr. spayed my friend Tara's baby Chinchilla and we adopted out the two baby kittens that were so cute. All of the re-checks went well and no one was admitted into the hospital for the weekend.

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2 Responses to Fresh Start

  1. I hope you can get your camera!! And Snake surgery, that is something you don't really think you will read about in the morning. Haha! I am glad all went well, poor snake with 2 cups of fluid in her belly!

  2. Yeah, Snake surgery….what a kick huh?! Dang those guys are STRONG, I was holding on with everything I had and still couldn't keep her in place. She just kept slithering through my hands. The camera I'm looking at is an Olympus e520. Sweet camera. My old one is a Nikon Coolpix 800 I've had it forever and it's pretty outdated. Plus I can't change lenses and stuff.

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