The Full Moon

This months Harvest Moon is my absolute favorite! We were lucky enough here in Western NY to have clear night skies and warm enough nights to stand outside and really view it. I live in the city now but when I was on the Mountain it was even more beautiful because there were no lights to detract it's glow. And though I was in bad shape with money then, I'd go through my woods and scavange up enough wood to fill my fire ring and cook up something either from the land or a hot dog or two and just sit in the vast darkness and enjoy the breathtaking night sky. I didn't ever for one moment take that for granted. Some of the best things in life are free afterall.

With that full moon came a curse; we had seven emergencies yesterday! S-E-V-E-N. One of our receptionists kept saying "it's the full moon" over and over again. I kept thinking "Please don't make me hate full moons!" It was just absolute crazieness there and by the time I got home I was so exhausted I could barely think.

So, we had a cute little Beagle with a foot injury, easy enough; clean wound, bandage, give "happy hat" to keep her from chewing the bandage and sent them on their way. Actually most of the emergencies went like that yesterday. All but one were treated in between appointments. The thing is you don't know until they get there what the extent of the "damage" is. The worst one yesterday forced us to cancel the rest of the afternoon appts. and grab every available set of competent hands on deck.

I will tell you ahead of time that she lives. She survived the surgery that her brother did not. A sweet 150 lb Mastiff whom I will call Luna. And this is where my anger to owners comes in; this is their THIRD dog that has eaten something stupid enough to get an obstruction and required emergency surgery. How many times do you have to spend $1200+  and put a dogs life at risk before you figure out you have to keep s*&t away from them?!!!! Last time Luna's brother ate the Mr's underwear and died on the table. (they waited a full week before they decided he wasn't gonna pass it!) This time Luna ate a car chamios cloth plus a dishtowel. We weighed the said material at 2.5 lbs. This is not an easy surgery, it is very difficult and intense. I'll keep it at that. But Luna was alive and out of anesthsia at 6 last night. So I can't wait to get there today to see her. One last thing I'd like you to know; she out weighs me by about 40 lbs, I sat with her while she laid on the xray table, I held her during prep, held her for the input of the IV and never once did she so much put up any kind of resistance. At one point she gently put her face to mine and ever so softly gave me a very nice lick on my face. No words for how that feels.

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5 Responses to The Full Moon

  1. *tears* Oh you are so good at your job, every animal who comes in contact with you must feel so blessed to be in such loving hands. XO

  2. Thank you – I do love working there and the staff I work with are just so wonderful. I should mention that not all patients are as easy to deal with! We get scratched, bit and so on many times in a day.

  3. none says:

    Soooo you're in Western NY?! You know I'm here too right?You line of work is awesome!!

  4. I did know you were somewhere nearby but didn't want to appear too forward and ask. I'm in Rochester now, my Mountain was in Alleganey Cty. near Cuba/Belfast/Friendship. Any of that sound familiar? My sister lives in Cohocton, I used to go there a lot. Huge Harley crowd down there.
    Oh yeah I really do like my work. I was a business owner for 20 something years and though I found it rewarding, this is much more so. Today we had 3 puppies in for 1st visits and an extremely sweet stray cat that the lady paid to get taken care of and is going to try to place her before the snow flies. It's always got a nice balance of good vs bad and I can go to sleep feeling like I made a difference in the world. The pay sucks, but that's life…..

  5. none says:

    Awe, no worries.:o)I'm in the Finger Lakes as you prob know. Lived in Fairport some years ago, moved from Conn and prior to that Fairport again. Moved to CA in 93, visited CA in 87 and said I was coming back! So lived there for 12 yrs….will be going back in 09 to stay! Cant wait!Alleganey and.Cohocton sond fimilar yes, but not the towns. Ahh yes the Mountains! looove em..I been all over CA and San Diego has local Mnts.Been up in the Adirondacks.Animals are precious! I used to watch Dog Whisperer all the time. I think i told ya I had a Black Persian (she was a sweetie). We had Ducks as pets when growing up in CT. And many other animals through the yrs.Awe thats nice of that lady!Yes you do make a difference!I don't go into the city too much…been there lots though..I Looove the DINO!I used to ride for 17 yrs, never had a Harley though but some of my friends in SD have them. Been to some HD hang outs in SDKeep up the great work and care of doggies and kitty cats!

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