My Day Job

I like my job. I like all of the people I work with, I like what I do. I like the fast pace and the interesting cases that come in. No, I don't like to see animals suffer, I don't like blood all over and I don't like watching owners cry – it makes me cry. Yes I get angry at some owners too, really angry. But I stay focused on the animals, I take deep breaths a lot to help me stay calm so that when my hands are on an animal they don't feel anything but comfort and tenderness and love.

The animal hospital I work at is considered the Vets hospital. Our Doctor/owner is the Vets Vet. He has been my personal veterinarian since 1989 and took care of all of my Exotic Birds when I had my store. (I only sold birds and only from breeders that had passed my list of requirements) Though I did take in litters of kittens to keep them out of shelters or worse and he would come on his day off to go over them and tell me if they could safely be adopted or needed medicine and hold off. I adopted a lot of kittens out of my store. A few years ago the BIG BOX stores put me out of business. I lost my store of 15 years, my house, my car, my dog died of a rare fatal disease and my boyfriend not only stole money from me but spent it all on his "other girlfriend." It all happened within a 6 month time frame and it took every drop of energy to make it through a day. Devastating is too soft of a word.

That was three years ago. Funny where life can take you (sometimes kicking and screaming). Now I work for my Vet. His groomer left to start a family and he hired me as the groomer. They needed a kennel person to replace one that left, so I took over those hours, then they needed a Tech. assistant, so I took over that job too. It's always a joke when they see me – the question is always "What are you today?" In my head I always say "poor, same as yesterday" but verbally I just ask what I can do for them because it makes me feel really good to pitch in and help. Except the one day that I helped to get an IV out of a GIANT dog's leg and it came after me and bit a 4" piece of my calf muscle, that didn't make me feel too good.

My favorite hat at work is being the Groomer. This is India, 120lbs of sweet and stuborn. She wouldn't let me pick up her back leg to get the mats out and she had her butt up against the wall so I couldn't get to it. There was only one other way…….

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3 Responses to My Day Job

  1. Oh my goodness! What a life! I love that you still work with animals though. I wished corporate america could have let you keep your store though!

  2. none says:

    The things you have to do! lolYou are in a great line of work! Keep your chin up, I get upset too and animal stories. They are a precious part of life!Too bad about your not so good experiences…I feel for ya!I didn't want to say feel sorry for..cuz I dont feel sorry..I just feel for ya.

  3. Yeah, I really love what I do….most days. Animals are so amazing.
    And life, it happens. Like it or not crap happens to all of us. No pity needed here, just trying to convey that no matter how badly you get it in the gut you just gotta grab hold and MOVE ON! Be strong you know? It was a lot of loss in a short period of time and took me longer than I wanted to get back on track. But I did and here I am. Me & Honey, we made it through and have each other, that's good stuff.

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