It’s all good

My dog Honey loves soft toys and she carries them around everywhere. She has quite the collection and this is her recent addition. A pink purse! It's her new favorite. She's been taking it to work with us every day and the people I work with as well as some clients get such a kick out of seeing her carry it around! When I first adopted her, she found a stuffed bear that my old dog occasionally played with and we called it her "baby". So every toy is now considered a "baby". When we visit my friends Sue & Tom she will always try to sneak out their door with one of their dogs toys! Sue has baskets of toys on every floor and tons outside in the back yard, Honey is in her glory visiting there!!! It's a standing joke that she has to be "frisked" before she leaves now. Kidding aside, Sue is very generous and lets her have whatever toy she wants. I will ususally wash babies and take them back… she can steal them again.

When I question things in my life such as where I am, how I am going to get where I want to be, how I have made such bad choices in the men in my life and how those choices have led me to want to be alone, I look at Honey and everything is okay. She is the absolute best buddy ever. An easy keeper, asking only to be where I am (and lots of babies) she brings so much joy and contentment to my life. I feel like everythings okay in my world because I have her. It will be two years this November that she walked into my heart and we've been through a lot together in that time. We had our wonderful place on the mountain together where she could just meander through the woods, go swimming in the little quary next to our property, chase the frogs down there. We'd go for walks all of the time and sometimes I'd take the fourwheeler out deeper into the woods and she'd always follow. You could almost see a smile on her face as she tagged along. Then, the day came that we had to leave. It killed me to have to put her in my nieces kennel with my old dog Jimmy. I had no car, couldn't even visit her as she was on the other side of the city and buses didn't go there. They were fed and cared for but they were'nt with me. Three months into their stay Jimmy got really sick and couldn't be saved. She was devestated, I was devestated. He was my boy. Then she was alone. When I would call to check on her I continued to get "She's very depressed" updates. So one day in March when the weather wasn't quite so bitter cold I took a bus as far as it would take me and walked the miles the rest of the way. My heart just pounding with anxiety to get to her. We went for a VERY LONG walk together. My legs were like jello but I could deal with that, I was with my Honey and she was beside herself to see me. Life somehow was good for those few short hours.

Only one month after that day passed and the offer of this house came up. Honey and I have a home and we're together again. I can loose a man anyday, but to loose my dog? We have a nice house to live in together, a fenced yard for her, a car now, very nice neighbors and great friends. It's all good.

Peace All,


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