The Reality of Moving On



The New Mexico trip is not an option for me. It sure was a nice diversion for a couple of days though. There just is no way that I can leave work for 6 weeks. Seven if you count driving from NY to NM and back again. I do three jobs at the Animal Hospital and there isn't any way to get that all covered for that much time.

So, I am accepting the reality that people like me just don't get to do things like this and I am moving on. In a few short hours I will be grooming 5 dogs and 2 cats. Setting my pace to allow time for something to eat at some point and having them all done by 3:00 so that I can start my other job there as kennel person until close. Which may not be much before 8:00 tonight.

I won't be thinking about the excitment of seeing New Mexico and all of the states in between here and there. Places I've never been, sights I've never seen. I won't be thinking about the adventure of a trip like that, I'll be thinking about how I can scissor trim a wiggly dogs face. I'll be watching for fleas, looking for bad skin, ear infections and being careful to cut toenails without making them bleed. I will be covered in tiny little hairs that tickle & itch around my face and get in my eyes. Making bows for their collars and spritzing with cologne, sending them on their way home.

My grooming room is tucked away in the basement where no radio station will come in. (that's not a bad thing for me) I have my Ipod with my carefully selected tunes and Honey has her own space in there with me. She just kicks back and naps but it's nice to have her there so close to me. No one bothers me down there. So I will try not to think about how much I'd rather be in New Mexico with her and the sun shining, the big skies at night, the warm air and great expanse of horizon. The sunrise/sunsets and maybe catch a full moon.

I will remind myself that I have to keep working on moving forward and getting the past 5 years of my life out of the way so that my future is a bit brighter. I have to take pride in the fact that all of my successes in life have been of my own doing and so this setback will be behind me and I will move myself ahead to better days.

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One Response to The Reality of Moving On

  1. none says:

    Good luck and here's to better days ahead!

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