More about music video, altered books and the story song

Recently I learned how to make music videos. My first one came out pretty good if I do say so myself. It is about a time just a couple of years ago that was extreme in every sense. I had a man, a pristine piece of land on our Mountain, no money, little work and lots to be thankful for. We were hungry, cold sometimes and at the crossroads of our relationship. On and off for three years prior I believed (some say foolishly) that this beautiful mountain place would save us. But it didn't and his constant connection with his mistress and alcohol made me take him back to the city and leave him there. I had to save myself, the land and what little bit I had to call home. Not to mention what was left of my heart and soul.

Last month he died. Fell off a bridge while walking home from a card game. The call at 5 am rocked my world. I was shocked and deeply sad. I'd had no contact with him to speak of and always worried that now that I'm back living in the city again myself (I lost the land) I'd run into him somewhere. Yes, I went to the Memorial Service. I was truly shocked at all of the emotion that flooded up from the little places in my heart I'd kept locked up and closed off. So I made the video. It was surprising to me how easy it all came together with what pictures I have left, the song was never a question. I learned so much about myself as an artist making that video. My eyes were truly opened up in a way that just completely blindsided me. For over 10 years now I have been working with Mixed Media. Altered Books, Beaded Tassell Books, Many different Aged Pieces and so forth. People like what I do, some things I sell some are gifts and some are both. It just never occured to me that my video would give me the same feeling of completion.

So, I came across this song yesterday "The Story" by Brandi Carlile. I purchased it from Amazon.Com and have an attachment, or connection, to the lyrics. But not in a romanic way, I think of my sisters. Of our many years together and apart. I am excited to start my next video about the living, the love of family, sisters and the growing process we've been through. Yes, I have my work cut out for me in the picture gathering department, but the video itself will be something I can work on and stay creative while waiting for the Mixed Media Artist in me reemerge.

Take a listen to the song by clicking the link above. Your comments appreciated. Anyone having a remote desire to see the first video please send me a shout here at Vox or YouTube search me, gypsy7923

Peace All –

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