Dry Spell

I've been going through a creative dry spell the past couple of months. I think the major reason is Summer. Being a Dog Groomer (my day job) means I'm busy during the hot months and this is the time I make my money. It's hard to spend the day either wrestling a 90#, unwilling & furry creature into the tub or on my table, or trying to get that 12# "Fluffy" to stand still long enough for me to use very sharp objects to style and "make pretty" the face, head, ears, feet and tail. I always say "It's hard to hit a moving target!" In my almost 30 years in the Dog Business I've been extremely fortunate on many levels. Only been severely bitten once and that was just a couple of months ago, I've managed to make a decent living, I've gotten tougher skin when it comes to clients and learned to tell some that I think they'd be happier with another groomer. With a great big smile of course. And I still get a rush when my finished pooch is greeted by it's owner with squeals of how beautiful they look! That tail wag does it for me everytime. Of course I LOVE TIPS!

Alas, it's not good for my creative side. At 52, I am exhausted by the end of the day! I am sweaty, have hairs stuck in my face, my bra, my shirt, my arms and my eyes. Usually the first thing I do is feed my darling dog Honey, (who by the way has been with me through all of this) while she's having her dinner, I am changing my clothes as fast as possible! Washing my face &/or showering. I let her out in the back yard and check my flowers for water and make my dinner. That's it. I'm toast.

I have a few projects in the works downstairs in my studio. There is the Matchbook style book I've made for my sister's friend that only needs a closure piece, my ArtMoney that has to be shipped to Denmark and a bunch of Family Albums to be finished for all of my sisters. My good fortune is having a very large space for me to work, my misfortune is that I don't have enough "things" to organize it all. I have been honing my skills as a Mixed Media Artist for over 10 years now and when I tell you I have lots of "stuff" I mean LOTS OF STUFF!!! I moved here one year ago. Before that I went through some very bad times for a couple of years and most of my things had been packed away and shuffled around. Now that I'm here, I have the space to open up but no where to put things. Though I have found a few cool pieces of storage items on CraigsList and have my niece on standby to help me get organized. She rocks when it comes to that.

Usually I can still put my ideas together I just have to shuffle around bags, boxes and totes. When there is something I know I have S O M E W H E R E that will work just right, most often I will either find it right away or give up and come up with another option. There is something to be said for organization.

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