Mountain Gypsy – Friday, May 30, 2008 6:53:34 PM

This is Honey. More than my best friend, she makes everything in my life better. The 12 plus hours I work many days are all worth it because I do it for us. Honey waits ever so patiently for me in her own kennel run at the Animal Hosptial that I work at. I have blankets and her favorite toy (her choice "who" she brings each day) in there for her, at my break we go outside for air and she gets her potty break and a chance to stretch her legs some. Mostly she just sniffs the grass to check out who's been there but sometimes she rolls around and gets spunky. She runs for the door when we get to work and she runs for the door when it's time to finally go home. Happy, she's just a happy girl.

She got her HomeAgain microchip last week, I checked it today and it's working. This weekend we'll go for our run along the WaterShed path. Her super happy spot. There is a very nice little creek that she loves to go swimming in and will most times wait until I catch up to her before she bounds down the steep hill and belly flops into the water! It makes me so happy to see her do that. With only her head above water she paddles along enjoying the moment.

One of these days I should try to borrow a cam from someone and take video of her. She is a once in a lifetime dog.

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