Beaded Tassel Book


So, here is some of it. I am very pleased with the finished piece and honestly, pretty proud of myself. Each time I finish something I feel like my work gets better and better.

The page layout in the top photo was to encompass the recipients roots and love of where she came from. Being born and raised in a small farming town of the Southern Tier of New York State she paved her own destiny to become not only a highly payed top executive, but she stayed true to her background and her self in the process.

During her time with Baush & Lomb she was involved with and traveled to many Olympic Games. Therefore, the Olympics page. Throughout the book I tried to add little hidden pockets to add interest and the element of surprise. What a find that little doll lady was! I've had that in my bag of "save for something" forever! Since I didn't want to have a layout of tags, tags and more tags on one page I came across her while searching for something else and the next thing I knew my little doll lady was proudly standing in the book with a banner and crown. Perfect, she was just perfect!

Now, the books cover. I have had those antique typewriter keys forever. I just love them! They're heavy, have substance to them. And so many times I've wanted to use them but have been admitedly stingy and not wanted to give them up! However, I wanted to keep the cover simple yet interesting as well. I did not want shiny or flashy because that is not what this remarkable woman is about. The paper I found is handmade, marbled paper in earthtones with the "mist" of gold over the surface. To me it represented this womans ability to work in her garden – get her hands in the earth – and to be able to enjoy, entertain and communitcate with very important dignitaries and Fortune 500 executives. So I let the paper "speak" and went to my cherished typewriter keys and kept it simple. Turns out, I find out later, that she started as a secretary! Hows that!!!

So, there are other pages, but I just wanted to get these up to start. There are other details about the book I'd be happy to share in future posts if anyone has any interest. But for now, here it is.

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2 Responses to Beaded Tassel Book

  1. Lorri says:

    You should be proud – It looks great!!

  2. Thank you Lorri!
    I've been at my nieces taking care of her children (9yrs & 16mos) while she was in Las Vegas getting married. I love them dearly but am so glad to be home.
    I took a couple of minutes to check out your blog here on Vox, I'm impressed. Your work is wonderful. Honest.
    I have a blog on blogspot also. It's an old one but I keep it because of it's timeline. I don't know how to tell you to get there other than it's called "Beautiful Reward" by cheyenne7923. There is a post you might enjoy (as well as your daughters may) called "You were born a daughter" a dear friend gave it to me and I posted it for the benefit of any woman struggling to find her way.
    If you can't find it I will try to figure out how to send you a link, as I am not very savvy at those things.
    Anyway, thanks again for you comment. I am VERY happy with the way the book turned out and got loads of possitive feedback from people at her retirement party.

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